Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweet Peas

gathered at our house today.
Moira is thinking of Christmas already!
Aren’t these Santae cute? Doesn’t matter which side of the table you sit on, Santa will be  watching you.
Moira is stitching around her Santae with a metallic thread.
It was Andreena’s turn to receive her Birthday Blocks, pattern Chinese Block:
She was going to set these on point but they look so snazzy just like this that I think she may just sew them together. The secondary pattern which emerges has lots of movement.
Debbie has been busy with her Yoyo maker again.
…and with making this wall hanging for Maxie:
Debbie’s free motion quilting has added a lot of interest and texture.
Maxies whang
Thanks for visiting

PS after everyone left I felt there was still a presence in the room.Eyes were following me! Look who’s sitting on top of our TV:
Mr Liquorice Cat!
PPS I checked – the plural of Santa is Santae. Who knew?


  1. Love all those projects. The birthday blocks look really great together.

  2. I must say those Santas are darling (and Im not one usually for Christmas type stuff ) . Absolutely gorgeous!


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